A Brief Summary of Pilot and Feasibility Studies: Exploring Terminology, Aims, and Methods

A Brief Summary of Pilot and Feasibility Studies: Exploring Terminology, Aims, and Methods

Environment clean up & remediation is a vital long-term solution for environmental pollution control. Oil & gas and mining and forestry applications widely prefer this process as it includes the removal of contaminants, substantial metals, and several toxic contaminants from the environment.

The environment cleans up & remediation has evolved technically, and pilot and feasibility studies have shown it is the most preferred process by many end-use industries. There are several segments in which US Environment clean up & remediation is targeted –

Medium, Type, Application, and Region

Let us learn further classification in the entire process -.

For medium type- The arcade is classified as per soil, surface water & groundwater. Through the pilot study, it is known that there is enough waste dumping in water bodies, which makes it much important for site cleanup for groundwater.

For type, they classify it into the segments bioremediation, pump & treat, in situ vitrification, thermal treatment, chemical treatment, excavation, soil washing & others. Since we need to remove volatile organic compounds and toxins, the pump & treat segment is essential due to its extensive use.

For application, they market it into waste disposal sites, oil & gas, mining, chemical & petrochemical, manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and some more. In fact, there have been increased requests to remove the contamination from soil, groundwater, and surface water through environmental remediation technology as through the mining process releases many chemicals.

The Regions can be West, North-East, Mid-West, South-East, South-West.

Benefits of getting Environment Clean-up & remediation USA:

Environmental Clean-up & Remediation is about not only shielding people and the environment from probable harmful effects through exposure but also reducing radiation exposure. Below-mentioned are some of the reasons how the environmental assessment companies help in site characterization –

  • They identify and recognize contaminants and contaminant sources at a site, including a detailed description of the activity that occurred at the site.
  • They provide adequate and appropriate information to support the selection and implementation of remedial actions.
  • They offer a complete description that helps their clients to understand the property, such as if there are any hazardous substances involved and what their chemical and physical properties are.
  • The reports frame the entire complexity of the site and release it in question.

Site characterization generally proceeds in three phases:

  • Data and information gathering
  • Development of a Site Conceptual Model
  • Preparation of a Site Characterization Work Plan

Synopsis – The Environmental Clean-up & remediation is much beneficial in analyzing and forecasting the market size of the United States environment clean up & remediation market. Through a feasibility study, surveys & market data, Fulcrum offers customizations as per the company’s specific needs. We would be happy to serve you.

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