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Navigating California’s new energy laws and regulations

California has some of the most progressive energy policies in the United States, including SB 100, legally committing California to 100 percent carbon-free energy by 2045. With quickly changing regulations and new legislation, we here at Fulcrum wanted to take the opportunity to update you on these new laws and how Fulcrum can help you be in compliance while taking full advantage of California’s new energy laws and regulations.

Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24)

Effective January 1, 2020, new Building Energy Efficiency Standards are coming online in California. Building energy efficiency standards are designed to reduce wasteful, uneconomic, inefficient or unnecessary consumption of energy, and enhance outdoor and indoor environmental quality. These standards are adopted into the California Code of Regulations (Title 24, Part 6) and apply to newly constructed buildings and additions and alterations to existing buildings

What is new to the 2019 standards?

One of the biggest changes is that the standards require solar photovoltaic systems for new homes. On the residential side, the standards also encourage demand responsive technologies including battery storage and heat pump water heaters and improve the building’s thermal envelope through high performance attics, walls and windows to improve comfort and energy savings. In nonresidential buildings, the standards update indoor and outdoor lighting making maximum use of LED technology. Fulcrum has the resources, experience and expertise to help you meet these new standards.

Fulcrum Services

Fulcrum is a full service Environmental & Sustainability Consulting Firm.
For a full list of sustainability and energy services, please visit:

LEED Certification

Fulcrum provides a menu of options for organizations that wish to achieve LEED Certification. We can tailor involvement to your needs by managing any facet of the LEED project.

Energy Audits

Fulcrum works to help commercial, industrial, and residential buildings reduce their energy, waste, and water consumption to reduce utility bills and comply with city ordinances

Project Management

From renewable energy projects to efficient building construction, our experienced consultants will lead a project and to achieve the results our clients demand.

Building Energy Benchmarking Program (AB 802)

The Building Energy Benchmarking Program requires owners of large commercial and multifamily buildings to report energy use to the California Energy Commission by June 1 annually. Owners of multifamily residential buildings with more 50,000 square feet and 17 or more utility accounts must report annually starting June 1, 2019.

The Existing Buildings Energy and Water Efficiency Ordinance (EBEWE) – Los Angeles

Starting in 2020, this LA Ordinance requires annual benchmarking for covered buildings as well as performance audits and retro commissioning on a 5-year cycle to reduce energy and water use. Since commission and benchmarking takes time and resources, it is strongly encouraged to begin preparing now. Fulcrum can help with your benchmarking, energy & waste audits, and any loans needed to meet new requirements.

Fulcrum Services

Fulcrum is a full service Environmental & Sustainability Consulting Firm.
For a full list of sustainability and energy services, please visit:

Energy Savings & ENERGYSTAR Benchmarking

ENERGYSTAR certified buildings help save the natural environment while reaping the benefits of annual energy cost savings. Our team of energy experts can assist you in creating and managing a portfolio for your building(s). Whether under a time crunch or simply unfamiliar with energy benchmarking, our clients hire us for our national benchmarking knowledge to ensure legal requirements are filled accurately, completely, and on schedule.

SBA 504 Green Loans

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers 504 fixed asset loans to entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to secure funding for the purchase of construction of real estate and/or the purchase of business equipment/machinery. We can help you secure multiple loans for your business through green loan analysis

Fulcrum Is Here To Help

At Fulcrum, we thrive in working with organizations to improve their environmental practices. Our clients embrace sustainable business practices to recognize a variety of benefits including reduced inefficiency, improved bottom line, and increased market recognition.

Fulcrum Resources Environmental

We offer completely customized sustainability solutions to fulfill the needs of our clientele. Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail, we look forward to helping you meet your sustainability and energy needs. | 1-800-385-7105 |

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