Soil and Groundwater Assessment and Remediation

Soil and Groundwater Assessment and Remediation

Groundwater reserves do change, and those changes need to be assessed regularly. Groundwater Assessment includes hydrogeological characterization and all other aspects required for understanding the resource and its state, as per the assessment’s purpose.

In large urban areas, we are now finding a scarcity of land for construction and redevelopment.

Redeveloping an environmentally impacted site is now an opportunity for environmentalist firms to get a significant investment return. Though soil groundwater remediation is essential too & many developers and investors get this as a daily task. At Fulcrum, we offer investors opportunities to clean these sites at much-reduced cost and time frames with high-grade work.

Let us learn the causes of Soil and Groundwater Contamination.

Conditions of soil and groundwater pollution are different and include release from landfills, industrial processes, sewage, mining, sanitation, fuel stations, and liquid waste from wastewater treatments. Volatile and semi-volatile chemicals, pathogens, radioactive material, metals, and organic compounds may contaminate Groundwater.

Soil Groundwater Remediation Options:

Physical treatments can include excavating impacted soil, soil stabilization, air sparging, soil vapor extraction, dual-phase extraction, and pump and treat with carbon adsorption.

Biological treatments involve bio-sparging, bio-slurping, bio-venting,  in situ anaerobic, bio-augmentation and phytoremediation.

Chemical treatments cover chemical precipitation, ion exchange, surfactant enhanced recovery, in situ chemical oxidation, membrane separation, and oxygen and ozone gas injections.

Please discuss with a site remediation specialist like us at Fulcrum to guide you on which treatment method as per the contaminants specific to the site can work the best. The soil groundwater remediation professional firms can remediate pollutants like tetrachloroethene, benzene, ethylbenzene, poly-nuclear aromatics, and vinyl chloride through improved or regular aerobic and anaerobic degradation, carbon adsorption, in situ chemical oxidation, or in-situ or ex-situ thermal treatment. and Old Techniques

We also provide services in terms of complete site examination & remedial probability expertise, with the latest remedial technologies’ time tested techniques.

In case you are fixed with conditions where an environmental site assessment and soil groundwater remediation for a contaminated site is essential, or even if you need to consider your problem, then we as environmental specialists can guide you with the best services along with the best advice. Contact us online at Fulcrum through our website contact form.

We will be happy to serve you.

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